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The Orchard Cream Tea – served from 10.00am with last orders at 5.30pm
Freshly baked sultana or plain scones served with Triptree jam and Rhodda’s clotted cream£5.20
Speciality scones of the day – Served on Saturdays & Sundays£5.40
Tea or coffee of your choice per the menuSee price list
The Rupert Brooke Afternoon TeaServed between 2.00pm and 5.00pm with minimum 24-hour booking£26.50
Assortment of meat and vegetarian finger cut sandwiches.
Selection of assorted mini cakes & desserts.
Freshly baked sultana or plain scones served with strawberry jam and clotted cream.
Your choice of tea or coffee
Bel Canto – 200ml
Bel Canto – 750ml
Patisseries & Viennoiseries
Butter Croissants served with butter and jam£2.40
Pain aux Raisins£3.30
Pain aux Chocolate£1.70
Crowns – vanilla custard or diced apple£1.65
Bramley Apple Pie (add ice cream for £1.00)£3.70
Lemon Meringue Pie£3.70
Chocolate Brownie (add ice cream for £1.00)£3.40
Apple and Caramel (v) / Carrot Cake (GF) / Mint Chocolate / Victoria Sponge (GF)£3.45
Flapjack (GF) (V)£3.85
Light Lunches served from 11.00am with last orders at 3.30pm
The Orchard Quiche
Served with warm potatoes and red onions bound in crème fraiche on a bed of leaves.
Salmon and asparagus.£10.75
Mushroom and stilton.£10.75
The Orchard Ploughman’s
Three Cheeses (cheddar, stilton, and brie triangles) or Ham served with freshly cooked bread, an apple, a pickled onion, a selection of pickles and salad (add £1250 if you would like both ham and cheese).
Roasted Vegetable and Goats’ Cheese Ciabatta
Served on ciabatta bread with caramelised onions and a balsamic glaze garnished with creamy coleslaw, salad and olives.
The Orchard Salads
Sliced tomatoes, sliced beetroot, diced carrots, diced cucumber, baby new potatoes, sweetcorn, peppers, creamy coleslaw, red onions, radish, olives, and romaine lettuce.
Chicken or Ham (add £1.25 if you would like both)£12.75
Three Cheeses (cheddar, stilton, and brie triangles) (add £1.25 for each additional portion of chicken or ham)£12.75
Smoked Salmon and prawns in a marie-rose sauce.£13.95
Greek Salad
Served with creamy feta cheese dressed in extra virgin oil and lemon juice
Jacket Potato
Cheddar cheese and beans£6.95
Roasted vegetable and houmous£8.65
Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber£8.95
Prawns in a marie-rose sauce£9.65
Smoked salmon and cream cheese£9.65
Light Bites served from 10.00am with last orders at 4.30pm
Sandwiches, Baguettes and Panini Melts .SandwichesBaguettesPanini Melts
Egg and cress£5.50£6.50
Bacon, lettuce, and tomato£5.95£6.95
Sun dried tomatoes, rocket, feta and balsamic£5.95£6.95
Cheddar cheese and caramelised onion£5.95£6.95£7.95
Coronation chicken£6.95£7.95
Ham, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise£6.95£7.95
Cheddar cheese and beans
Roasted vegetable and houmous£6.95£7.95
Halloumi, tomato, and pesto melt£7.95
Tuna mayonnaise and cucumber£7.25£8.25
Tuna and cheddar cheese melt£8.50
Brie and bacon melt£8.50
Chicken and cheddar cheese melt£8.50
Ham and cheddar cheese melt£8.50
Prawns in a marie-rose sauce£7.95£8.95
Smoked salmon and cream cheese£7.95£8.95