Lunch Menu

Served From 11:30

Light Lunches

Soup of the Day (GF)   £4.95

See our daily board for our homemade soup, served with your choice of fresh baked white or brown bread

Sandwiches or Baguettes 

All are served with a salad garnish and crisps. Served on your choice of brown or white, gluten free options are available

Egg Mayonnaise Sandwich   £4.75
Cheese and Caramelised onion Sandwich  £4.75
Ham, Lettuce, Mustard Mayonnaise  Sandwich £4.95
Tuna Mayonnaise and Cucumber Sandwich  £4.95
Roasted Vegetable and Hummus Baguette £6.50
Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato and Mayonnaise (BLT)  Baguette £6.50
Prawns in Marie-Rose Sauce and Rocket Baguette £6.95


All Served with a salad garnish and crisps

Bacon and Brie £6.95
Halloumi, Tomato and Pesto £6.50
Tuna Mayonnaise Melt £6.95
Cheese and Caramelized Onion £6.50
Jacket Potatoes

All served with a side salad and coleslaw

Cheese, Baked Beans, Tuna Mayonnaise, Prawns in Marie-Rose Sauce or Roasted Vegetable and Hummus £6.95
Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese £7.50

Main Meals

Served From 12:00pm

Homemade Quiche    £8.50

Served with new potatoes and salad. Please ask for today’s choices

Roasted Vegetable Ciabatta     £8.50

Caramelized onion, roasted vegetables and goats cheese toasted on a ciabatta served with mixed salad with olives and balsamic dressing

Homemade Fish Pie   £7.95

Salmon, cod and haddock served in a creamy sauce topped with mashed potaot served with seasonal vegetables

Grantchester Sausage and Mash   £7.50

Sausages made using apples from the orchard served with caramelized onion gravy

The Orchard’s Hot Pot Special  £7.95

Served with fresh baked bread

Homemade Pie of the Day   £8.50

Served with seasonal vegetables, potaotes and gravy. See our daily board for todays choice

Vegan Dish of the day   £7.50

See our daily board for todays choice


Chicken & Bacon Ceasar Salad    £7.50
Roasted Vegetable and Hummus Salad    £7.50
Smoked Salmon and Prawn Salad   £7.50
Tuna Mayonnaise Salad   £7.50

Children’s Menu

All served with chips and baked beans or peas

Cod Fish Fingers   £5.50
Chicken Goujons   £5.50
Pork Sausages   £5.50